Oral presentation instructions

Each oral presentation will be allotted a time slot of 15 minutes. These 15 minutes are subdivided as follows:

  • 12 minutes for the presentation (including the conclusion);
  • 3 minutes for questions and switching (changing presentation, announcement by chair, etc.).

In order to ensure that each speaker has equal time to present his/her paper, the session chairpersons will rigidly enforce the time allocated to your presentation.

All computers provided in the Session Rooms will have Windows and Adobe Reader 10.0.1 available, as well as a projector and screen.

You are kindly asked to copy your presentation to your respective Session Rooms computer before the start of the session. Please, CILAMCE’s Organizer Committee kindly recommend to all presenters copy your presentations during coffee breakers just before the session. It is important to note that it is not allowed to use your own computer on the Session Room. You can present your work in English, Portuguese or Spanish, but we strongly recommend that presentation slides be written in English.

Please limit logos to first and last slide only and do not use product or company specific names unless absolutely necessary.

Poster presentation instructions

There is no template for the posters. The display boards are of size A0 (841×1189) and are oriented in portrait direction.

There is no on-site printing facility and the presenter should not count on local printing shops to be able to print the poster on the spot.

The poster should be affixed to the display board before the start of the morning or afternoon sessions.

The presenter is kindly asked to be present next to his or her poster during the entire duration of the morning or afternoon poster session.

Posters sent to the event without the presence of the authors will not be exposed.

Onsite directions

ONE DAY prior to your presentation, check in at your respective Session Room.

Ten minutes prior to the beginning of your session, meet the session chairs and your fellow presenters in your assigned session room. This will allow you to check the presentation sequence, learn how to operate the audiovisual equipment, and be advised of the system for time keeping.